Personal sustainable growth

The Art of Leading Yourself

Kaisa Liukko, PhD

Julia Wagner, PhD

Julia Tenschert, PhD student


Workshop goals

Have you ever wondered what makes a true entrepreneur? What really ignites your self-efficacy, commitment, team performance and success? If you are looking for this „magical recipe“, self-leadership is one of the key ingredients.  Self-leadership is the capacity to apply self-control to approach and accomplish tasks through behavioral, cognitive, and reward-focused tactics. In this course, you will experience, explore and practice the fundamental basics of self-leadership, connecting to your individual version of it. This will help you to take goal-directed action, navigate challenging circumstances and realize your future visions. The course will help you to develop a growth mindset, which boosts performance, adaptability, and innovation. Additionally, resources will be provided to continue your self-leadership journey in the future. 

Exercises will include:

Ikigai; Character strengths; Journey of discovery; Johari Window; Personal vision; Megatrends; Get going ; Grow and flow; Power of self-talk; Cartesian coordinates; Celebrate Mistakes; Active listening; Wordless art of body language; Self-care check-in; Learning Diary.

Lecturer's short biography

Julia Wagner was born in 1988 in the mountainous area of Salzburg, Austria. She has been dreaming to become a teacher since an early age and completed her studies of Geography, English and Geography at University of Salzburg in 2012. After internships at Stellenbosch University, South Africa and Akademisches Gymnasium High School in Salzburg, she moved to the west of Austria and started her first teaching position at a Vocational High School with focus on Business Studies. Two years later, in 2016, she seized the opportunity to work at at private High School in Liechtenstein. After beginning as a teacher there, she quickly took over more responsibilities and has been part of school management since 2018. She enjoys to be at the heart of innovative educational practices and projects and has introduced a series of new subjects and concepts at her school. She manages marketing events and the admission of new students. One of her biggest sources of inspiration is to work in international project teams, such as SLEM-Academy for Erasmus+. Julia brings her curiosity, optimism and enthusiasm into all work settings and enjoys to be part of a team. However, her biggest source of energy is to work with and inspire young people on their journey to a meaningful adult life. 

The Art of Being Present 

Olga Bogdanova, PhD

Sebastian Moder, PhD


Workshop goals

Are you overwhelmed trying to juggle multiple tasks, assignments, and deadlines? Join us and take your personal development and mental performance to the next level! In this course, you will learn the valuable skill of being present and gain the resilience to handle stress more effectively. Through this journey, you will strengthen your focus, improve your relationships, and reinforce your emotional balance. You will learn how to use your attention like a flashlight, to deeply focus on one object or intentionally switch between multiple ones. Become a master of attention and learn “The Art of Being Present” to improve your mental fitness and manage the demands of life more effectively!

Lecturer's short biography

Olga Bogdanova is a RDI Specialist at LAB University of Applied Sciences, where she leads multiple international projects. She is also involved into development and teaching the courses and training programmes for degree programme students, professional business education and life-long learners. Olga hold 2 Master level degrees and currently is a Doctoral student at LUT University, Finland. Prior to academic positions, she has developed her career in real estate development industry since 2002, being responsible for the managing RDI projects and investment management and consulting. 

Sebastian Moder is a research assistant and PhD candidate specializing in the field of organizational behavior. His focus is on how personal resources, such as mindfulness, psychological capital, and cognition, can help individuals manage their demands and achieve superior performance. Drawing from research on management, leadership, and psychology, he is committed to creating a healthier, more productive workplace through the examination of implementable protocols that promote both performance and well-being. Consequently, his research seeks to improve organizational outcomes by exploring ways to foster positive psychological states and behaviors on the individual level.

 Life is Your Stage

Marta Duarte d'Almeida, PhD


Workshop goals

Do you want to become (even) more confident when giving a presentation, making a pitch, taking an oral exam or simply participating in a meeting? Then this course is for you. Together with a professional of the stage, you will explore the tools of expert performers and find your personal comfort zone in the lime-light. By experimenting with sounds, silence, rhythms and body percussion, by exercising your breath, and by practicing how to build and tell a story through emotions, you will take steps outside your comfort zone. You will connect to your inner freedom and become more comfortable on a stage. Additionally, you will explore the art of storytelling as a tool for presentations and begin to understand the power of emotions.

In this course you will learn to:  

This interdisciplinary course will boost your self-confidence and give you diverse tools to better master situations in which you are in the center of attention.  

Your story brought you here - where will it take you?

Lecturer's short biography

Portuguese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marta Duarte d’Almeida calls the world her musical home. Her multi-instrumentalism and charismatic voice take her audiences into a magical world of World Music, Portuguese Folk, Blues, Jazzy Swing, and even Fado, accompanied by storytelling full of energy and emotions.

Marta studied guitar and voice in JBJAZZ and Hot Clube de Portugal. At Lusíada University of Lisbon, Marta completed a degree in Jazz and Modern Music, specializing in guitar. With her graduation she became the first female jazz guitarist of Portugal. Additionally, Marta has also created a variation of projects such as storytelling shows, live online jam-concerts, musical theater performance and of course her band “Mazéi”. Her latest album "Marta and the Boat - Live from the Middle of the Atlantic" (2022) captures her solo-project "Marta and the Boat" live from Lava Jazz Club on the Azores islands.